Software Products

Dalwin Services produces an array of small 'Windows' based applications. Our philosophy is to make 'simple apps' for simple things. Have a look through the library below and see if there is anything that will be useful to you.

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'SimplePOS' is a software product that performs the function of a cash register/inventory system. This simple software is capable of maintaining your stock levels and handling your sales. Ideally, this system is best placed in a store situation, where a dedicated point of sale exists, but as the system uses an MS-SQL database, the application can be networked across multiple machines.

TT Record

'TT-Record' is a software product that is designed for all AS/NZ 3760 - 'Test and Tag' operations. This free software will create a database for all your customers, tests and tag details. By law all testers are required to keep an electronic copy of the test activity, for 7 years. This system uses MS-SQL database system to record data.

The front-end of the software is simple and easy to use. This is a no frills, down to earth piece of software.



Like it's little brother, this software provides a means to print or edit folder name data. It will list folder names of a given location to either a printout or text editor.



One thing you cannot do in Windows, is print a list of filenames. This utility takes all filenames from a given folder and provides the data to you in text format, for either printing or editing in a text editor.

Home Alarm

Home Alarm Basic

This little piece of software uses the now 'redundant' parallel port of your computer to connect to sensors around your home and monitor for triggers of activity. Connected to your internet service, this system can then be a real-time monitoring system for piece of mind.

File Activity Logger

File Activity Logger

This simple utility watches a nominated folder and logs all file activity that occurs to either a flat text file or SQL database.

On The Go

This product is a simple project management software system. It handles, tasks, notes, due dates, responsible persons and gives reports on all activity.